Fundamentals of Islamic Banking

Your starting point on your journey through a career in Islamic finance and banking

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Presented in an easy-to-understand format and self-explanatory style, FUNDAMENTALS OF ISLAMIC BANKING is your guide through the complex matter of Islamic finance to give you the confidence that comes a with solid knowledge base. Come, join us in this journey of discovery and enjoy the experience as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!

Credible and Relevant Information
Our programme content is compliant with the standards of AAOIFI, the international autonomous body responsible for developing Shari’ah standards for the Islamic banking and finance industry. As for relevance, our programme introduces the fundamental principles and most often used banking products; also it demonstrates the applications you will most likely encounter in everyday situations. Once you understand each principle thoroughly, they become the building blocks of further knowledge. Our FAQ and online case studies will provide you additional learning opportunities, if interested.

Engaging Learning
Our programme uses a ‘storybook styling’ with animated characters from various walks of life portraying real-life situations visually, which makes for interesting reading besides simplifying the many complex concepts of Islamic finance. Also, interactive exercises and tests in between the modules allow ample room to reflect and cement the learning progress; thus making sure you master all the topics thoroughly

Your Instructor

Carillon Media
Carillon Media

Loaded with relevant information on Islamic finance, our blended learning programme is guaranteed to deliver results because of the competency of its author Mr. Muhammad Ayub, a globally renowned scholar and expert in the field of Islamic banking. Here’s a glimpse into his expertise:

  • Research and development; designing, implementing, and delivery of training programmes; development of Shari’ah compliant products
  • Former Head of Islamic Banking at NIBAF, Senior Joint Director of the Islamic Banking Department, and Head of the Islamic Economics Division in Research Department of SBP.
  • Book - “Islamic Banking and Finance: Theory and Practice” was published by the State Bank of Pakistan in December 2002.
  • Work - “Understanding Islamic Finance” was published by the prestigious publisher John Wiley & Sons of UK in October 2007 and serves as a textbook on Islamic finance for students in Universities and Business Schools across the world, particularly in England, US, and Malaysia.
  • Presently, Mr. Ayub serves as Master Trainer for courses conducted on Islamic banking in various institutions and also serves as Referee and Reviewer on Islamic finance for various journals and publishers.

Class Curriculum

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